Artist Microsite

This website was originally created to showcase an art gallery's venture into selling NFTs in a sleek and elegant way.

If you wanna skip all the waffle and just see this website in action, you can visit it here.


I originally developed this website during my time working at Sequence for a client.

During my briefing I was given the designs for the website, the basic rundown of how it should work and told to make it as sleek and smooth as I could (or something along those lines).

It should be noted that while this website was finished and handed to the client, it never went live for one reason or another. Hence, the above link has had all its content replaced with placeholder copy and images.

the tech

This site is built in the Nuxt 2 framework, which uses Vue.js under the hoodalong with Vuex for state management in the background.

For styling, the site uses a mixture of Sequence's own utility CSS framework for general styling and BEM for individual components. All of this is managed using SCSS, which is included in the Nuxt installation.

In terms of front end Javascript, the site uses the Smooth Scrollbar library by Daofeng Wu to (you guessed it!) add in the smooth horizontal scrolling. Everything else was created bespokely to fit the site's needs by myself.

If you want to see this site in action, you can visit it here.

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