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Hiya! 👋

My name's Josh, I'm a 23 year old web developer from Manchester, UKi'm actually from bolton but shh 🤫 🐝

I've been programming for over 10 years, the last 5 of thoseoctober 2017 - present working full time as a web developer.

I've got tons of experiencejuly 2014 - present with HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (inc. jQuery, Vue and Node) and I'm always up for a new challenge!

Outside of that you can usually find me playing video games🥰 🐒🎯🎈, listening to music41,000+ mins in 2022 🎧 or travelling abroadcheck out my instagram 📸🌄.

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my work

Here are some things that I've worked on:

A surprisingly long run down of the process behind making this website, what it's made with and how it works

Created in April 2020

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other stuff

Here's some other stuff that I wanna talk about:

Taiko Cat

A fun (but messy) web app I made over a weekend to cash in on a joke

Created in October 2018

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